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CFI vs. Accounting Coach

Accounting Coach offers free and paid accounting courses and information online.

If you are looking to learn accounting, finance, or financial analysis for free online, then CFI courses and certificates are where you should get started.

CFI courses were specially designed by a leading Wall Street training company named MDA Training and have been used to train thousands of accounting professionals around the world.

CFI courses are created to help you become a financial analyst, while Accounting Coach is more geared toward pure accounting positions.


Accounting Coach Fundamentals of Accounting Course


Launch CFI’s Free Accounting Fundamentals Course.


Why take CFI courses over Accounting Coach?

CFI instructors have a long track record of educating investment banking professionals, as compared to any of our competitors.  Our teachers started making courses more than 20 years ago to train new hires at public accounting firms.

We believe that everyone in the world should have access to the best education, for free.  We’ve been told by our students that our e-learning courses offer the best quality of education compared to AccountingCoach or anyone else.

We offer several introductory courses for free, and always issue certificates.


Financial modeling focus

CFI’s main focus within financial analyst training is financial modeling and business valuation.  These skills are critical for anyone who wants to move up the ladder and climb through the ranks of corporate finance.

Examples of types of courses offered include:


CFI vs Accounting Coach financial modeling example


Other competitors

Thank you for reading this guide comparing CFI and Accounting Coach for free lessons, tutorials and courses online.  To keep learning and advancing your career as an Analyst, these additional CFIresources will be helpful:

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