Breaking Into Wall Street

This article compares CFI and BIWS for financial modeling training.

CFI vs. Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS)

Without prejudice, if you want to learn financial modeling and business valuation, CFI courses are one of the best ways to master that art. As a comparison, we’ve lined up some important metrics here between CFI and Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS).

CFI courses were created by MDA Training, a leading Wall Street training company that has been entrusted to train thousands of new hires at global banks every year.

People often ask us how we’re different than Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) before they register for our courses, so we posted a helpful comparison below to help you with your decision of who to take courses with.


Why should I take CFI courses over BIWS?

Getting straight to the point, our courses have a long history of training investment banking and capital markets analysts.  Our teachers began developing courses more than twenty years ago to train new hires at global banks around the world.

We believe that engaging content is what separates mediocre from exceptional courses.  Our video-based e-learning has the best combination of media design, graphics, and beautiful Excel models.

What’s more, our prices are significantly more competitive, and you get way more value.

Below is a comparison of our Full Access Bundle and the Breaking Into Wall Street Premium Package.

The below information is as of September 24, 2018.


ProductFull Access BundlePremium Package
# of Courses24 Courses8 Courses
SupportEmail & PhoneEmail
Professional Media QualityYes No
Years Developing Courses20+10+


Career development

One of our most popular tools is our interactive Career Map that allows you to explore your various career options and decide which path is best for.  Once you know your path, we’ve got the courses and certificates you need to get there.


Below is an example of an output from one of CFI’s financial modeling courses.


cfi vs breaking into wall street biws


CFI Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the hundreds of 5-star reviews we’ve received from thousands of students.


Website Traffic Comparison

The Table below ranks the traffic of the top Financial Modeling Training Sites. The data is from the website traffic statistics provider:


Company NameMonthly Site Traffic
Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI)4,000,000
Wall Street Oasis (WSO)2,370,000
CFA® Institute1,740,000
Wall Street Mojo2,290,000
Mergers and Inquisitions (M&I)522,380
Wall Street Prep (WSP)514,900
Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS)231,230
Investment Banking Institute (IBI)N/A
FM Institute (FMI)N/A
Training The Street (TTS)N/A

Source: SimilarWeb Estimates, the table updates monthly


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