This article compares CFI and eduCBA courses for aspiring financial analysts.

CFI vs. eduCBA

CFI is a global full-service provider of online finance training for up and coming financial analysts.  CFI courses are only taught by a select few elite trainers.  eduCBA is an Indian based provider of a wide range of courses taught by hundreds of instructors, according to their website.

One of the biggest difference between CFI and eduCBA is the instructor selection process.  CFI does not allow any outside instructors, and we are not a marketplace for other courses.


What about course content?

CFI specializes in what we know best: corporate finance.  eduCBA appears to be more of a marketplace offering courses on a broad range of topics.

CFI’s most popular courses include:

Our most popular purchase is the Full Access Bundle which offers the best value.


eduCBA vs CFI financial model


Career development

One thing that makes CFI really stand out from eduCBA and the rest of our competition is our ability to help you advance your career.

We have a wide range of Career Resources that include resume guides, interview prep, and much more.

One of our most popular tools is our interactive Career Map that allows you to explore your various career options and decide which path is best for you.  Once you know your path, we’ve got the courses and certificates you need to get there.


CFI Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the hundreds of 5-star reviews we’ve received from tens of thousands of students around the world.

Additionally, if you’re looking for courses priced in Indian Rupees (INR), CFI has a dedicated page for users from India. Check out the Indian checkout page to make your experience at CFI even easier.


Other competitors

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