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Compare CFI and Open Culture for free finance or accounting courses

CFI vs. Open Culture

If you want to get into accounting, finance, or capital markets, CFI courses are your best bet, bar none.

We partnered with MDA Training to carefully design all our courses and make them the same quality as those used to train new hires at major banks on Wall Street.

Lots of our students ask us how we’re different than Open Culture courses before they register, so we posted a helpful comparison in this article.


Why should I take CFI courses over Open Culture?

We may be biased, but CFI courses have the longest track record of training corporate finance professionals compared to any of our competition.  Our instructors started designing courses over 20 years ago to train new hires at global banks in London, Toronto, New York, Hong Kong, and other major financial centers.  Our clients include JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, TD Bank, and many more.

We pride ourselves on developing engaging, easy to understand course content.  We have been told that our video-based courses have the best combination of media design and graphics illustrations, compared to Open Culture or anyone else.

We offer several introductory courses for free, and always issue certificates.


CFI course topics

CFI specializes in several areas of financial analyst training, including:


CFI vs Open Culture


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