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Wall Street Prep

Compare CFI and Wall Street Prep for careers in corporate finance

CFI vs. Wall Street Prep (WSP)

Without prejudice, for anyone considering a career in investment banking, equity research, FP&A, accounting, or finance CFI courses are a common way to break in or move up. In this guide, we compare CFI to Wall Street Prep (WSP).

CFI courses were created by a leading Wall Street training company known as MDA Training and have been used to train thousands of new hires at global banks over the past twenty years.

Many of our students ask us how we’re different than Wall Street Prep before they register, so we posted a helpful comparison below.


Why take CFI courses over Wall Street Prep?

Simply put, our courses have the longest track record of training corporate finance professionals.  Our teachers started designing courses over 20 years ago to train new hires at global banks in London, New York, Hong Kong, Toronto and other major financial centers.

We pride ourselves on developing engaging content.  We believe our video courses have the best combination or media design, graphic illustrations, and beautiful Excel templates compared to our competition.  We use professional voice actors and curriculum managers who specialize in advanced professional education.

Our prices are more competitive, and you get way more value.

Below is a comparison of our Full Access Bundle and WSP’s Premium Package.


Other competitors

Compare all financial modeling training companies.

The below table is as of September 24, 2017.


 CFIWall Street Prep
ProductFull Access BundlePremium Package
# of Courses22 Courses6 Courses
SupportEmail & PhoneEmail
What's IncludedVideos & TemplatesVideos & Templates
Professional Media DesignYesNo
Years Developing Courses20+13+


More resources from CFI

For anyone looking to develop their career in corporate finance, investment banking, and financial modeling, we’ve compiled an enormous database of free guides, tools, and templates to take your skills to the next level.  Below is a screenshot of one of our financial modeling courses.


cf vs wall street prep (WSP)


Our interactive career map is a great way to figure out what path is right for you and start planning and developing the skills you need.

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