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Financial Modeling Training – Website Rankings

Financial Modeling Training Website Rankings

The following table lists the top financial modeling training websites in the world and ranks them according to their monthly traffic. The traffic data is from similarweb.com, which provides website traffic statistics and market intelligence. Website traffic is an important metric for every web-based business and is usually a crucial business driver that has a high correlation to the number of users.

Company NameMonthly Site Traffic
Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI)4,000,000
Wall Street Oasis (WSO)2,370,000
CFA® Institute1,740,000
Wall Street Mojo2,290,000
Mergers and Inquisitions (M&I)522,380
Wall Street Prep (WSP)514,900
Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS)231,230
Investment Banking Institute (IBI)N/A
FM Institute (FMI)N/A
Training The Street (TTS)N/A

Source: SimilarWeb Estimates, the table updates quarterly. (Last Update August 2019)


Financial Modeling Training Summary

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is ranked number one (#1) on this list of financial modeling training websites, with over 3 million visitors; second is the finance forum Wall Street Oasis (WSO) with over 2.5 Million visitors; next are, CFA Institute, Wall Street Mojo, Mergers and Inquisitions,  Wall Street Prep (WSP), Breaking into Wall Street (BIWS), Training the Street, FM Institute, and Wallst-Training.


Financial Modeling Training Website Traffic Rankings - CFI Model

Image: CFI’s Advanced Financial Modeling Course.


Every website has a different approach to teaching Financial Modeling. If you are interested in learning Financial Modeling, then you should take a look at the different approaches that each provider takes. You can look into the details of the Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® here.


Additional Resources

We hope this list and rank of financial training websites is useful and you found the information that you were looking for and it has helped you have a better gauge on financial modeling training providers. Explore our Career Map to find the right finance career path.

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