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CFI vs. Financial Modeling Institute (FM Institute or FMI)

Without prejudice, when it comes to financial modeling, valuation and financial analyst training, CFI is the clear choice for aspiring professionals.  The so-called Financial Modeling Insitute (or FM Institute) is based in Toronto, and is a partnership between the Marquee Group and the team behind ModelOff, according to publicly available information on their respective websites and LinkedIn.

CFI courses are co-created with a world-renowned Wall Street training company called MDA Training who has been hired to train thousands of new analysts and associates around the world at bulge bracket banks for over twenty years.

Many of our new students ask us how we’re different than FM Institute (FMI) before they register, so we created this guide to answer some questions.


Why take CFI certificates over FM Institute?

CFI is a corporate finance and financial modeling institution focused on training and developing financial analysts.  Each CFI course with a completion certificate, with the most popular being the financial modeling certification.

The FM Institute (FMI) conducts an in-person exam to earn a certification but doesn’t presently offer the eLearning required to learn the body of knowledge.  They have a list of approved training providers.

At CFI our mission is to help you advance your career, which is why we believe in providing the training directly to our students.  We value knowledge and skills over letters behind a name and focus all our effort on quality education and career development.

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Financial modeling comparison

Compare all financial modeling training companies.


We have created a list of all major competitor, a brief description of their business model, and a comparison to CFI.

Given the high number of options, students have for training and accreditation these days, we highly recommend doing your own research before making a decision.


More resources from CFI

For anyone looking to develop their career in investment banking, equity research, corporate development and financial modeling, we’ve compiled an enormous database of free guides, templates, and tools to advance your skills to the next level.  Photographed below is our certificate in financial modeling.


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Our interactive career map is a great way to figure out what path is best for your personality and attributes so you can develop the skills you need.

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