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Compare CFI and Khan Academy for finance or accounting.

CFI vs. Khan Academy accounting and finance

Khan Academy accounting and finance courses are a great source of free courses online that range from beginner to introductory levels.

If you want to get your career started in accounting or finance, CFI courses are the best way to get going in a competitive job market.

CFI courses were created by a leading Wall Street training company known as MDA Training and have been used to train thousands of new hires at global banks.

Many of our students ask us how we’re different than Khan Academy before they register, so we posted a helpful comparison below.


CFI vs. Khan Academy accounting and finance


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Why study at CFI vs Khan Academy accounting and finance?

In a nutshell, CFI courses have the longest track record of training corporate finance professionals.  CFI instructors started designing courses over 20 years ago to train new hires at global banks in London, New York, Hong Kong, Toronto, and other major financial centers.  Clients include JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, TD Bank, and many more.

At CFI, we pride ourselves on developing engaging, easy to follow content.  We believe our video courses have the best combination or media design, graphics illustrations, and beautiful Excel templates, as compared to our competition.

CFI offers several introductory courses for free, and always issue certificates.


Free certificates of completion

One of our most popular tools is our interactive Career Map that allows you to explore your various career options and decide which path is best for.  Once you know your path, we’ve got the courses and certificates you need to get there.


Accounting and finance course certificate


CFI Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the hundreds of 5-star reviews we’ve received from thousands of students.


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