Scholarship Winners

Meet the impressive winners of CFI's annual scholarship awards

CFI's Annual Tuition Awards

  Meet the Past Scholarship Winners

We are proud to showcase the past scholarship winners of CFI’s annual tuition awards.  These individuals have demonstrated strong academic achievement, a passion for finance, and a commitment to improving the lives of others.

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CFI Scholarship winners #1

Wendy Il’Grande

University: California State University, Long Beach
Program: Bachelor, Accounting, and Finance
Career Ambitions: Become a corporate accountant and a CPA
Award: $500 in 2017


CFI Scholarship winners #2

Tyler J. Booms

University: Grand Valley State University
Program: Bachelor, Business Management
Career Ambitions: To found a startup
Award: $500 in 2017


CFI Scholarship winners #3

Danielle DeiCont

University: University of Manitoba
Program: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
Career Ambitions: Financial advisory – mergers & acquisitions
Award: $500 in 2016


CFI Scholarship winners #4

Megan Wells

University: Memorial University
Program: Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)
Leadership: President of Edge Capital, an investment group at Memorial University
Award: $500 in 2016