Sarh International Uses CFI to Give Learners the Experience They Want and Employers the Skills They Need

“CFI gives our students a huge opportunity to be more comfortable and flexible in their learning.”


Sarh International for Training and Consulting is an international training center in operation for nearly 20 years, focusing on professional training and accounting certificates such as the CPA, CMA, and now FMVA. As the FMVA Course Officer, Mohammad Khadash oversees the FMVA training program while also performing administrative and accounting duties.

The company was introduced to CFI in the same way we often hear — through word of mouth. A CPA and CMA instructor had taken the FMVA course on his own and saw the value it and CFI could provide to their students and business. 

“So we studied it, did our research, and found it would be a great course to start giving candidates,” Mohammad says. “This is important nowadays. It covers the skills that big institutions and banks are looking for and tools for them to expand and prosper.”

“We see how much these skills are wanted by employers today.”

Mohammad was immediately struck by how focused and practical CFI’s training is, and how important that would be for both students and employers. With so much information out there, it’s hard to tell what’s right, what’s relevant, and the quality of what you’re learning. 

“The practical aspect is the best, and having everything you need in one place, focusing on what’s really important,” Mohammad continues. “It’s one of the biggest reasons people love the program — it’s not just theoretical.”

That’s something employers love too. “They can trust the candidate holding that certificate is already an expert in that field,” he says, pointing to CFI’s Excel courses as an example of how effectively they can speed up the learning curve.  

“I don’t know if you have an idea of how valuable that really is. We’ve seen, say, candidates who’ve had almost zero knowledge of Excel get to a professional level.”

“People just like it. They like doing the exercises, going at their own pace, and learning in their own way instead of just listening to someone teach them the principles.”

As a training professional, Mohammad knows how critical the learning experience is to knowledge retention and real-world skill development. He’s seen firsthand that the more empowered their students feel, the more engaged they are with their training and professional development.

“The accessibility you provide is one of the main things,” Mohammad says. “You can take the courses whenever and however you like. And go through them how you need. Some people can easily understand the slides by themselves, while others better understand the material by watching videos. CFI gives our students the opportunity to choose their own path and go at their own pace.”

That includes the opportunity to go back to the course material whenever they want, whether it’s to study a concept they just learned or refresh skills as they need them. CFI’s all-access model, on-demand lessons, and productivity tools provide an enduring resource that’s always just a click away. 

“It’s funny, a lot of our students will think the prep courses aren’t important at first, but find them really important later when they want to refresh their knowledge.”

Looking toward the future, the team is exploring CFI’s CBCA (Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst) and BIDA (Business Intelligence and Data Analyst) certification programs to expand their services, with several banking clients already showing interest. 

But Sarh International’s primary focus is always on the professionals they’re helping. When asked about one of the biggest takeaways from implementing CFI, Mohammad emphasizes the learning experience. 

“It’s making learning much easier and much more fun. It’s making lectures more fun. Our main goal is for people to come out of our training center with a smile. And CFI certainly helps that by providing a practical environment.”

Looking for ways to build practical finance skills at your organization? See what CFI for Teams can do for yours.

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