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The most recent improvements to your CFI Dashboard

Feb 28, 2023

Release dates added to What's New cards

New courses will now include a release date to indicate when they were launched or last updated.

Screenshot: new courses: date published/updated

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Find your exam results faster

Exam results and CPE earned have been added to the course page so you can track your progress at a glance.

Screenshot from Member Dashboard: Course page


Case studies are now called Practice Labs

Case studies have been renamed as Practice Labs and can be found under Resources.

Screenshot from Member Dashboard: Practice labs

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Learner login dates have been added to your CFI for Teams Dashboard

Get an overview of when each Learner last accessed their CFI account.

Screenshot from B2B Dashboard: last login date

Course recommendations

Discover which course to take next based on personalized recommendations tailored by our instructors to make the most of your learning experience.

Screenshot of course recommendations feature

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Self-checkout for CFI for Teams is now available

Now any organization looking to train less than 25 team members can seamlessly purchase a membership through the CFI for Teams pricing page.

Screenshot of Self-checkout

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