Webinar Recap: Essential Financial Ratios You Need to Know

Sound business decisions can only be made with accurate business insights. So how do you find the answers to make the right calls?

Join Essential Financial Ratios You Need to Know for an in-depth look at critical financial ratios analysts use to measure business performance and interpret data for decision-making. In this hour-long session, CFI Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer Scott Powell and Executive VP of Financial Modeling Duncan McKeen will cover the most common ratios used for business analysis, real-world examples, and explanations—before opening the floor for direct Q&A. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Essential financial ratios to analyze any business
  • How to measure and track a business’s financial performance
  • Best practices for insightful, relevant, and impactful financial analysis 
  • Next steps to continue building your financial ratio toolkit

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