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What is Free Accounting Software?

Free accounting software provides businesses from sole proprietors to and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a cost-effective solution for their accounting needs. The accounting process tells how well the operation is doing, how much money is coming in, and where the money goes. In this article, we compile a list of 6 Free Accounting Software Programs:

Free Accounting Software

Business owners, including entrepreneurs and startup founders, need to focus on and allocate resources to implementing a reliable accounting system; one way to do so is by choosing a free accounting software package. Putting an accounting system in place also makes a business credible and trustworthy, especially as it grows and gains a broader customer base.

In the past, the closest thing to accounting for many small businesses was putting every receipt and invoice in a drawer or container and sorting everything come tax time. Obviously, that practice is both time-consuming and ineffective. With today’s technology, accounting software solutions are readily available, making it easy for business owners to stay on top of things.

List of Free Accounting Software

Different kinds of accounting software are available on the market today, each with its own share of features designed to assist any business owner. To help you choose the right one for your operations, here are some of the best free accounting software solutions to consider:

1. Wave

Many small business owners swear by the Wave accounting software. Wave offers a range of features free of charge! It is ideal for keeping track of bills paid online, as well as for basic bookkeeping, including monitoring all profits and expenses for multiple businesses. It can also be used by an unlimited number of users from one business.

2. ZipBooks

Get started with its ZipBooks’ Starter tier for free to gain access to unlimited invoices to an unlimited number of customers. It features a user-friendly interface that enables business owners to do their accounting tasks quickly and easily.

3. Money Manager Ex

The Money Manager Ex accounting software is ideal for sole proprietors who want to stay on top of their finances. It comes with a simple interface, is open source, and does not require an install – just a download to a USB key.

4. GnuCash

Sole proprietors and small business owners love the GnuCash accounting software because of its flexibility. It was designed to handle invoicing, accounts payable and accounts receivable, and even some payroll features.

5. SlickPie

With the SlickPie free accounting software, you don’t need to upgrade or get another plan to unlock other features because its only pricing plan is free. It enables you to manage all your invoices and bills, and can be used by multiple users and in various businesses. SlickPie is ideal for users with little to no experience with any bookkeeping software but who are looking for a solution that offers more features than Excel functions.

6. Zoho Invoice

Well-known business productivity suite Zoho came up with a premium accounting software that is all about simplicity and ease of use. Small business owners don’t need to deal with complex installations and upgrades to be able to create and manage customized invoices in different languages and currencies.

Final Word

The software titles above are just some of the free accounting software solutions available nowadays. Whether you are a sole proprietor or an owner of a fast-growing business, it pays to always monitor your operation’s finances, not only for tax time but to establish credibility for your business. Consider using accounting software to better understand how your business is going. Also, it doesn’t hurt that you can use a program that’s free of charge.

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