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What is a League Table?

A League Table is a list of investment bankers that highlights their rankings in the deal-making industry. Popular services provided by investment bankers include underwriting, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and financial and legal advisory services.

A league table can be ranked according to several metrics, such as Deal Value, Deal Volume, Average Deal Size, or Geographical Region. The tables are often used by potential buyers and sellers to find the top bankers in a particular region or industry. The rankings enable companies to properly choose the right banker for the services they are interested in.

Investment Banking Revenue by Region (2017 vs 2016)

League Table

Source: WSJ Dealogic (October 2017)

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is one of the highly sought after professions on Wall Street. Companies and government entities often depend on investment banks for a wide array of services. Investment bankers serve as financial advisors to their clients, helping them manage investments, allocate resources, and price capital.

One of their most important functions is handling initial public offerings of stock for companies that go public. They play a key role in the successful and smooth operation of a free market economy. Given the extensive coverage and challenging nature of investment banking tasks, candidates need to develop exemplary quantitative skills and be able to perform complex financial modeling.

How to Prepare for an Investment Banking Career?

Though it may seem formulaic, the hiring process in the investment banking industry is very competitive. Getting an investment banking job requires lots of preparation. There are no shortcuts to success; you need to put in the hard work to make yourself stand out from the other candidates. To prepare for a career as an investment banker, check out our investment banking courses.

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