Cold Email Template for an Informational Interview

How to write a cold email

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Cold Email Template for an Informational Interview

One way to reach out to a former colleague or someone you met at a networking event or saw on LinkedIn is by sending a cold email. It is an unsolicited email that is sent without prior contact with the recipient. A cold email can be useful in setting up an informational interview.

An informational interview is an essential networking activity when you are actively looking for a new job or when you want to connect with a potential client or someone in the industry.

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In general, professionals are open to helping other people, and the feeling that they can help is a great motivating factor to connect with you. But it often works best if you don’t just tell them up front that you want to set up an informational interview.

Guidelines for Writing a Cold Email

Creating and sending an email for an informational interview can be awkward and daunting. But don’t worry. Here are several points to consider when writing a cold email:

#1 Keep it brief and concise

Always assume that everyone is busy, so keep your email short and straightforward. If you send an email with too much text, it will most likely be ignored.

#2 Write a short and specific subject line

This part may determine if the recipient will open your email or not, so make sure to make it brief and specific. It can be something like, “I’ve seen your LinkedIn job post and would like to learn more.”

#3 Introduce yourself

Provide a brief background of who you are and why the recipient should consider setting up an informational interview with you. Of course, it pays to do some research to show that you are genuinely interested in talking with the recipient. It can be that you attended the same event, or that you’ve been reading his/her articles on LinkedIn.

#4 Explain why you are sending the email

Be clear about your intentions for reaching out. Aside from providing a reason, explain specifically why you want to connect with the recipient. For instance, you can say something like, “I’ve heard that your company is looking for someone for the XXX position … and would like to know more about it.”

#5 Be flexible with what you want

Bear in mind that you’re asking a favor, so make sure to be flexible with what you are asking the recipient. Respect the other person’s time and be open to doing the interview on the schedule that is convenient for him/her. Also, while it’s ideal to conduct a face-to-face informational interview, consider doing it through phone or video call if that’s what they would prefer.

Email Template for an Informational Interview

Here’s a template of a cold email for an informational interview:

Cold Email Template

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