Webinar Recap: Finance Interview Prep

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When your dream finance opportunity comes knocking, be ready to answer it—and any interview questions you’ll be asked on the way to getting it.

If you’ve got about an hour, our Finance Interview Prep: Expert Tips to Land Your Next Role webinar has you covered. This member’s only event hosted by CFI’s Chief Content Officer and VP of Financial Modeling, Scott Powell and Jeff Schmidt, focuses on preparing for finance interviews so you can be confident you’ll ace your next one. From frequently-asked questions to prep strategy to tips for standing out, they’ll be diving into what to expect, answering your burning questions, and offering straightforward guidance to make sure you’re feeling more than ready. 

Read the highlights below or grab a coffee and watch the full, free webinar recording on your own time. 

What will we cover in this session?

  • Common types of interview questions: personal, brain teaser, culture fit, technical and ask your own questions
  • Common financial statement questions
  • Common valuation questions
  • Summary
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