High School Resume

A resume prepared by a high school student for future employment

What is a High School Resume?

As the name suggests, a high school resume is one prepared by a high school student to help him secure employment. Students can use such resumes to apply to part-time jobs or colleges, or to secure internships. Unlike resumes created by those with a more established work history, high school resumes focus on relevant coursework and extracurricular activities.

High School Resume

How to Write a High School Resume

1. Include a career objective

A career objective is a short statement – one to two sentences long – that expresses the student’s career goals. It’s also a summary of their talents, knowledge, and skills.

Although job applicants of any age and profession can use a resume objective, it’s particularly beneficial to high school students. This is because the other content in a high school resume may not capture the student’s future goals clearly.

By adding an objective statement, a student provides the recipient with a clear idea of what their intentions are in applying to the college, company, or other organization. Here are a few examples of resume objective statements a student might use:

I am a devoted and aspiring artist looking for a chance to work in a sign shop.”

“Having gained three years of experience in childcare, I am an aspiring leader looking for an opportunity to work as a summer camp counselor.”


2. Include experience

Whether it’s mowing lawns or babysitting during weekends, every example of an extracurricular activity counts when creating a high school resume. As long as something shows the student’s work ethic, knowledge, or abilities, it’s a plus for a resume. You should especially include any instances where you showed leadership or received awards or other recognition.

It’s important to go over the requirements of the institution that one is applying to. In such a way, the applicant can tailor his resume to the specific role. When assessing the job description, a student should look for and identify specific keywords that correspond to his skills or talents.

For example, if one is applying to be a barista and the job description indicates the hirer is looking for someone with excellent customer service skills, work experience might be written similar to the following:

American Cancer Center

Volunteer, 2016-Present

  • Managing the registration records, including checking in patients
  • Attending or chairing after-school planning meetings
  • Spearheading programs to guide new volunteers

3. Include a comprehensive education section

Being a student, education and interest/participation in sports and other activities are likely to be a primary focus.

A student’s best chance to prove his capability is by highlighting his experiences both in and out of class. This gives potential employers an idea of what potential value they bring as an employee.

For example, if the applicant achieved an impressive grade or finished particularly challenging coursework, he should include such details in the resume.

Tips to Composing High School Resumes for College Admissions

1. Emphasize depth and length of commitment

If you participate in many extracurricular activities, choose the most relevant to include in your resume. Bear in mind that colleges prefer to see students committed to one or two main programs rather than being involved in 20 different clubs.

2. Provide comprehensive details

The content an applicant includes in the resume is what will set him apart from other students. Therefore, he or she should provide as much detail as possible. For example, when describing one’s involvement in a school club, one might include:

  • Their role
  • Number of school years or hours per week that they participated for
  • Primary contributions, e.g., organizing charity events
  • Any other details that make the student stand out

3. Formatting is key

Another way an individual can make their high school resume stand out is by how they organize their information. Include clear headings and bulleted points, and use a consistent font throughout the resume.


High School Resume - Template
Source: Resume Builder

Final Word

Creating a resume may seem irrelevant when one is still in high school. Most students imagine that resumes should be filled with job titles and bulleted lists showcasing important career milestones. However, a high school resume can be useful and effective in helping you move ahead career-wise or educationally.

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