Reference Letter Template

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Reference Letter Template

This reference letter template will help you draft letters to aid colleagues and employees in their job hunt. A reference letter can be a very strong tool when looking for a job.

Here is a quick preview of CFI’s reference letter template:

Example of Reference Letter Template

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Professional References

As previously mentioned, reference letters are very useful for people applying for jobs. Pair a reference letter with a cover letter for best results. CFI offers several templates on cover letters and resumes that can assist you with your job hunt!

A reference letter is a direct statement from another person backing up the applicant’s reliability and competence. Someone else is sticking their neck out to comment on the applicant’s success and abilities. By writing a reference letter, this person is using their professional reputation to attest that the applicant’s claims of their abilities are credible.

A reference letter is usually written by a person who was in a supervisory role in relation to the applicant. For example, many applicants request a reference letter from professors, bosses, or managers.

CFI’s reference letter template can make it easier for your colleagues to write you a reference letter!

Elements of a Reference Letter

There are several elements of a reference letter. It is important to include all of these when you are writing a reference letter.

These elements are as follows:

  • Recommendation
  • Information about your position and your relation to the applicant
  • Details of the applicant’s roles, responsibilities, and skills
  • Your contact information to reach you for reference verification and additional information

CFI’s reference letter template has broken them down into separate paragraphs:

First Paragraph: the first paragraph of the reference letter should include a brief introduction about who you are, if you are recommending the applicant for the job, and a short statement about how you know the applicant.

Second Paragraph: this paragraph is the body of the reference letter. This paragraph should go into detail about your relationship with the applicant. Include information about what position they held and what position you held. As well, try to provide details about employment dates and the responsibilities the applicant had in their position. For example, include a situation or project the applicant was given and how they handled it.

Third Paragraph: re-affirm whether you are recommending the applicant with this paragraph. State your confidence in the applicant.

Fourth Paragraph: this is the conclusion and sign-off to your letter. Provide contact information so that the hiring or enrollment committee looking at your letter can reach you if they need to conduct a reference check or need any more information.

Example of a Reference Letter

Below is a sample reference letter that was created using CFI’s reference letter template.

Example of a Reference Letter

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