How To Become a Financial Analyst with Zero Experience

Five tips on getting your foot into the Financial Analysis field

How to become a financial analyst with no experience

Finance is a lucrative industry that pays huge salaries and bonuses across a wide range of jobs. Employees in the industry earn big perks annually, thanks to the growing number of financial products in the market. A recent-graduate financial analyst can expect to receive a starting salary of $70, 000 and above. Even though most employers are looking for experienced analysts, you can still become a financial analyst with no experience.


How to become a financial analyst with no experience


Here are five tips how to become a financial analyst with zero experience:


#1 Get a university internship

Getting a summer internship in one of the Wall Street investment firms will move you closer to getting a prestigious job in the finance industry. Most of the investment firms pick their new hires from their summer interns, and you could be one of them. However, it may be difficult to secure a paid internship if you are a non-finance graduate. Consider working as an unpaid intern or volunteer at a brokerage firm, if you fail to secure a paid internship.


#2 Learn Wall Street Lingo

If you want to secure a job as a financial analyst, you must learn the finance language. Employers will generally require you to understand technical terms used in investment banking if you plan to get past the preliminary interview stage.

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#3 Start and Maintain a Finance Blog

Running a finance blog will give you a chance to communicate your investment ideas to the world. Publishing informative finance posts on your blog will provide an opportunity to express your knowledge of the finance field and talk to potential employers. Having the relevant finance and investment skills will give you an edge when writing finance publications. And finally, being able to talk the talk will come in handy when finally landing that interview.


#4 Use a Trading Simulator

Using trading simulators will keep you abreast with the finance industry. There are dozens of free online trading simulators that graduates can use to prepare mock portfolios. Using this experience, finance and non-finance graduates can impress potential employers with their trading prowess and market knowledge.


#5 Enroll in a Finance Boot Camp

Participating in finance boot camps will help kick-start your career as a financial analyst with zero experience. Finance boot camps may be quite expensive for a graduate, but they will teach you useful skills such as financial forecasting and financial modeling. Also, they require less commitment since they run for only a few days.


how to become a financial analyst? learn financial modleing


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