Wellness & Finance: A Journey of Inspiration

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Wellness & Finance: A Journey of Inspiration (Free Webinar)

Prevent Burnout and Improve Workplace Wellness by Practicing Mindfulness

There is no doubt—the financial services sector is risking a youth brain drain. And it is only getting worse.

With constantly changing markets, new product offerings, and economic uncertainty, the demand for higher productivity without sustainable development comes at a cost.  

As the pandemic blurs the lines between home and office hours, historically high burnout rates and a lack of wellness initiatives contribute to greater turnover, especially within the ranks of junior bankers and analysts.

With Wall Street firms now competing with tech companies to attract and retain top talent, how can finance managers and leaders better support their teams in developing stronger wellness initiatives using modern practices?

In this webinar, wellness visionary Cathy Dodd, founder of Soul Inspired Co., certified Reiki instructor and former industry veteran of 20+ years, joins Scott Powell, CCO of CFI, to discuss the science behind mindful meditation as a practical, everyday tool to identify, navigate and manage stress in high-pressure roles. 

Key Takeaways From This 30-Minute Webinar Include

  • A scientific approach using evolutionary psychology to explain the impact of anxiety and stress on our bodies
  • How meditation works as a powerful tool to reprogram our nervous system, including common myths and misconceptions
  • Different types of techniques, exercises, and apps that busy financiers can use today to build a better response to chronic stress


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