Money Goes Greener | On-Demand Webinar

The increasing importance and adoption of ESG

As we become increasingly aware of the environmental and social effects caused by modern business operations, many finance and banking leaders are looking for ways to adopt more sustainable and responsible investment strategies. 

Enter ESG: A powerful lens we can look through to better understand how organizations are impacting factors like greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks, human capital management metrics and community influence, shareholder rights, and a growing variety of related domains.

In Money Goes Greener: The Importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance in Corporate Finance and Banking, hosted by VP of CBCA Kyle Peterdy and VP of ESG at CBL Properties Derek Young, we will cut through the clutter and unpack what’s new and notable in the ESG landscape. We also address some common misconceptions, how (and why) ESG has evolved into a culture war, and what new regulations will influence corporate activities going forward.

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