Links data to multiple documents/destinations

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What is the HYPERLINK Function?

The HYPERLINK Function[1] is categorized under Excel Lookup and Reference functions. The function helps link data to multiple documents.


What is a hyperlink?

A hyperlink is a link created from a document that opens another page or file when a user clicks it. Often, the destination is another web page, but it can also be a photo, an e-mail address, or a program. The hyperlink itself can be a text or picture.

When a user clicks the hyperlink, the destination is shown in a web browser, opened or run, depending on the type of destination.

As a financial analyst, the HYPERLINK function can be used to provide links to base data or a record entered on the Excel sheet. For example, if we provide the daily expenses in a worksheet, we can create a link to the invoices.


=HYPERLINK(link_location, [friendly_name])

The HYPERLINK function uses the following arguments:

  1. Link_location (required argument) – This is the path to the file or page that needs to be opened.
  2. Friendly_name (optional argument) – THis is the link text to be displayed in a cell. If the argument is not provided, MS Excel will display link_location as the friendly_name.

How to use the HYPERLINK Function in Excel?

To understand the uses of the HYPERLINK function, let’s consider an example:


Let’s assume we need to create a link in our worksheet. The steps are:

  1. First, we select the cell that we want to add the hyperlink to.
  2. Then, we insert the formula for the HYPERLINK, which is:


We get the result below:

HYPERLINK Function - Example

When we click D4, it will open the page specified by link_location.

A few notes about the HYPERLINK Function 

  1. We need to supply link_location as a text string in quotation marks or a cell reference that contains the link path as text.
  1. If we do not provide friendly_name, the HYPERLINK will display link_location as the friendly_name.
  1. To select a cell that contains a hyperlink without jumping to the destination, we can use arrow keys to select the cell. Otherwise, we can click on the cell and hold the mouse button down until the cursor changes.

Click here to download the sample Excel file

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