Returns the quartile of a given data set based on percentile values from 0.1 exclusive

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What is the QUARTILE.EXC Function?

The QUARTILE.EXC Function[1] is categorized under Excel Statistical functions. It will return the quartile of a given data set based on percentile values from 0.1, exclusive. The function bases its calculation on a percentile range of 0 to 1, exclusive.

As a financial analyst, QUARTILE.EXC can be used to find out a specific percentage of incomes in a population. The function is also useful in revenue analysis.



The QUARTILE.EXC function uses the following arguments:

  1. Array (required argument) – This is the array or cell range of data values for which we want the quartile value.
  2. Quart (required argument) – It indicates which value will be returned. It is an integer between 1 and 3, representing the required quartile. If quart = 1 or 3, the supplied array must contain more than 2 values. It accepts three values for the quart argument: 1 (first quartile – 25th percentile), 2 (median value – 50th percentile), and 3 (third quartile – 75th percentile).

How to use the QUARTILE.EXC Function in Excel?

To understand the uses of the QUARTILE.EXC function, let’s consider an example:

Example 1

Suppose we are given the revenue figures below:


QUARTILE.EXC can return the first quartile, second quartile, and third quartile, as shown below:

QUARTILE.EXC Function - Example 1

The formula used was:

QUARTILE.EXC Function - Example 1a

Similarly, we could use 2 for the 50th percentile and 3 for the 75th percentile.

Few notes about the QUARTILE.EXC Function 

  1. #NUM! error – Occurs if either:
    • The given value of quart is < 1 or > 3; or
    • The given array is empty; or
    • The given array contains less than 3 values and the quart argument is equal to 1 or 3.
  2. #VALUE! error – Occurs if the given value of quart is non-numeric.
  3. From Excel 2010, the QUARTILE.EXC and QUARTILE.INC functions would replace the QUARTILE function, which is now classified as a compatibility function.
  4. The QUARTILE.EXC function cannot calculate the 0’th or the 4’th quartile (as the calculation is based on the range 0 to 1, exclusive).
  5. If the requested quartile falls between two of the values in the supplied array, MS Excel interpolates between these values to calculate the quartile value.

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