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A great resource of Excel templates for Financial Analysts

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What is Vertex42®?

Vertex42® is a website that provides a wide range of high-quality Excel templates that are useful for any financial analyst.

Excel templates range from debt repayment schedules to printable calendars to budgets and financial calculators. These templates can be especially useful when performing financial modeling in Excel, and we encourage you to check them out as a valuable resource.

What types of Excel templates does Vertex42® have?

Vertex42® has Excel templates that include:

  • Budget templates
  • Invoice templates
  • Project templates
  • Timesheets
  • Personal finance calculators
  • Financial statements
  • And more

What types of templates does CFI have?

Much like Vertex42®, at CFI we are committed to excellence in Excel, and as such we have a wide range of resources available to our users.

CFI’s most popular Excel resources include:

While Vertex42® is a great resource, CFI is focused exclusively on Excel applications that relate to financial analysis and financial modeling.  CFI’s mission is to help anyone in the world become an expert at building financial models in Excel.

CFI instructors are industry experts with extensive experience as both practitioners and educators, which means they bring a high level of passion to all our courses.

Additional Excel-related resources

Be sure to check out the rest of our resources to download Excel templates and become a power user.

Some more of our most popular templates include the  NPV formula and INDEX MATCH, both of which are very important functions for financial modeling.

If you’re pursuing a career in investment banking, FP&A, or other areas of corporate finance, please check out our career resources section to help you break into the industry or move up the ladder.

Complement to Vertex42 Excel Resources

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