Waterfall Chart Template

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Waterfall Chart Template

This waterfall chart template guides you step-by-step to construct a waterfall chart using raw data.

Here is a screenshot of the waterfall chart template:

Waterfall Chart Template Screenshot

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A waterfall chart is a great way to visually show the effect of positive and negative cash flows on a cumulative basis. In Excel 2016, there is a built-in waterfall chart option so it is a very simple and quick process. If you’re working in Excel 2013 or earlier version, you will have to build your own waterfall chart using the stacked column chart feature.

Step 1 – Create a Data Table With 7 Columns

In order to build your own waterfall chart, you first have to organize your data into a table.

Step 2 – Build the Waterfall Chart Using Up/Down Bars

Use the Up/Down Bars feature in charts to create the foundation of the waterfall chart.

Step 3 – Add Data Labels to the Bars and Columns

Use the Column Data Label Position to define the position of the data labels.

Step 4 – Insert Connectors Between Each Bar Using Error Bars

Use the Error Bars feature in charts to show changes between each Up/Down bar.

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