League Table

The world's leading investment bankers

What is a League Table?

A League Table is a list of investment bankers highlighting their rankings in the deal-making industry. Popular services provided by investment bankers include underwriting, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), financial and legal advisory.

A league table can be ranked according to several metrics, such as Deal Value, Deal Volume, Average Deal Size, Geographical Region, etc. The tables are often used by potential buyers and sellers to find out the top bankers in a particular region or industry. The rankings allow companies to properly choose the right banker for the services they are interested in.


Investment Banking Revenue by Region (2017 vs 2016)


League Table

Source: WSJ Dealogic (October 2017)


The data below show the cumulative performance of investment bankers in the last 10 years.


Top 25 Investment Bankers by Deal Value:


RankHouseValue (USD Bn)Number of Deals
1Goldman Sachs & Co LLC77133240
2Morgan Stanley 67082855
5Bank of America Merrill Lynch44111877
6Credit Suisse40932273
7UBS Investment Bank36112117
8Deutsche Bank AG35441823
12Evercore Partners Inc1523887
13BNP Paribas SA13951019
14Merrill Lynch 1314486
15RBC Capital Markets Inc11141206
16Centerview Partners1111216
18Lehman Brothers934327
19Perella Weinberg Partners LP784227
20Nomura Holdings Inc.7641127
21Jefferies LLC7201235
22Societe Generale657489
23Greenhill & Co Inc638347
24Macquarie Group Limited614980
25Moelis & Company LLC588697


Top 25 Investment Bankers by Deal Volume:


RankHouseNumber of DealsDeal Value (USD Bn)
3Goldman Sachs & Co LLC32407713
5Morgan Stanley 28556708
9Credit Suisse22734093
12UBS Investment Bank21173611
13Bank of America Merrill Lynch18774411
14Deutsche Bank AG18233544
17Houlihan Lokey1364302
18Jefferies LLC1235720
19RBC Capital Markets Inc12061114
20Nomura Holdings Inc.1127764
22BNP Paribas SA10191395
23Lincoln International LLC99148
24Macquarie Group Limited980614
25Evercore Partners Inc8871523


Top 25 Investment Bankers by Average Deal Value:


RankHouseAverage Deal Value (USD Bn)Deal Value (USD Bn)Number of Deals
1Paul J. Taubman641282
2Toulouse & Associes45902
3J.C. Flowers & Co LLC44441
4Robey Warshaw LLP2730211
5China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd25492
6Dyal Co 24472
7Ducera Partners21633
8Klein and Company17865
9Arkle Associates Ltd15151
10Global Investment House KPSC11111
11State Bank of India11111
12Robertson Robey Associates LLP10101
13Credit Mutuel-CIC Asset Management 991
14Zaoui & Co710815
15Poli e Associati Spa661
16Cometrue CPA6112
17Centerview Partners51111216
18Realty Capital Securities5204
19Ziems + Partner551
20Vanho Securities5102
21EA Markets Securities LLC 551
22Lazard Carnegie Wylie5296
23GreenOak Real Estate Advisors LLP441
24Quadrangle Group LLC441
25LionTree Advisors LLC427462


What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is one of the highly sought after professions on Wall Street. Companies and government entities often depend on investment banks for a wide array of services. Investment bankers serve as financial advisors to their clients, helping them manage investments, allocate resources, and price capital. They play a key role in the successful and smooth operation of a free market economy. Given the extensive coverage and challenging nature of investment banking tasks, candidates need to develop exemplary quantitative skills and perform complex financial modeling.


How to Prepare for an Investment Banking Career?

Though it may seem formulaic, the hiring process in the investment banking industry is very competitive. Getting an investment banking job requires lots of preparation. There are no shortcuts to success; you need to put in the hard work to make yourself stand out from the other candidates. To prepare for a career as an investment banker, check out our investment banking courses.


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