Business Model Canvas Examples

How to use the business model canvas

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Business Model Canvas Examples

The business model canvas is a tool used by business owners and managers to plan their strategy and business model. This tool can be used to plan any sort of business, from niche to mass markets. In this article, we have prepared some business model canvas examples using our template.

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Example of Business Model Canvas

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Business Model Canvas Template

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There are nine main building blocks in the business model canvas template:

  1. Key Partners: The strategic relationships your business creates with other companies or people.
  2. Key Activities: Activities or tasks that are integral to operating your company.
  3. Key Resources: Assets that are required to operate and deliver your company’s value proposition.
  4. Value Proposition: The fundamental need that your company is trying to fulfill for its customers. Why your company exists.
  5. Customer Relationships: The type of interactions your company has with its customers and the level of support it gives.
  6. Channels: Different methods that your company uses to deliver its products and value proposition to customers.
  7. Customer Segments: The different groups of customers that your company interacts with.
  8. Cost Structure: How a company spends money on operations. The key costs and level of cost-focus for your company.
  9. Revenue Streams: Your company’s sources of cash flows.

The following are some business model canvas examples for different businesses and industries:

#1 Automobile Company Example

The first of these business model canvas examples is for an automobile company. The company that is portrayed in this example is a company with a focus on safety, reliability, style, and mass appeal. For example, a company like Honda or Toyota would fit the description of this business.

Example of Business Model Canvas for Automotive Company

#2 Amazon Example

The second of these business model canvas examples is for an e-commerce company. This business model canvas example will be a simple look at Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world.

Example of Business Model Canvas for an E-commerce Company (Amazon)

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