Webinar Recap: What Financial Services Firms Need to Know About Generative AI

As AI rapidly evolves and integrates with our daily lives, how can financial services and banking industry firms best use and capitalize on it? Generative AI in particular—which creates text, images, or other media based on generative models, like ChatGPT—holds unlimited potential to boost employee productivity and operational efficiency. But it comes with risks and considerations. 

Hosted as a live webinar, you’re invited to join an expert panel to discuss financial services firms and generative AI. CFI CEO Anna Talerico, Principal Analyst at AIMultiple Cem Dilmegani, Co-Founder and CEO of Stratosphere.io Braden Dennis, and VP of SaaS Commercialization at Fidelity Patrick Hannon will open the floor to talk about whether adopting AI is a strategic imperative for financial services firms, trends we can expect to see in the next couple of years, risks and best practices, and more, before finishing off with a Q&A.  

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