CFI Launches Leadership Effectiveness Program for Finance Professionals

May 16, 2023—Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), the #1 rated online provider of finance and banking training and productivity tools, has launched a new program aimed at building crucial leadership skills for aspiring and senior finance leaders. 

The CFI Leadership Effectiveness Program provides practical and actionable frameworks that put people and performance first. Strong leadership skills help teams excel in their performance for a positive impact on the business as a whole. The Leadership Effectiveness Certificate takes a comprehensive approach to leading with impact—delivering practical leadership skills with the knowledge and confidence to inspire, engage, and motivate teams to achieve results.

Co-founder and Chief Content Officer, Scott Powell explains “We’ve designed our leadership effectiveness program specifically for those leading teams in finance and banking.  Our online program is extremely practical, hands-on and tools you learn can be applied immediately in the workplace.”

In combination with a deep technical finance understanding, this program is designed to significantly advance personal leadership skills, support team performance, and improve business outcomes. As an aspiring people leader or a seasoned leadership professional, the ability to direct, engage, and motivate a team to achieve set results is crucial for positions and industry sectors. 

CFI is dedicated to empowering finance and banking professionals at any stage in their career. Learn more about the Leadership Effectiveness Program here

About Corporate Finance Institute

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is the number one rated online provider of finance and banking training, certifications, and productivity tools. With the industry’s leading training library, we empower professionals and teams with job-ready skills and practical resources to succeed in diverse roles within finance and banking. Established in 2016, CFI is trusted by over 2 million individuals and thousands of organizations worldwide.

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