CFI Partners with ALX to Address the Financial Skills Talent Gap in the Global Workforce

October 18, 2022 – Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) has partnered with The African Leadership Group (ALG) and its career development division, ALX, to offer Financial Modeling Valuation Analyst and Business Intelligence Data Analyst certification programs.

This strategic partnership will address the global financial talent shortage by preparing over 15,000 digital-ready financial and business analysts from Africa, enhancing their skills in big data analytics, digital literacy, financial modeling, and accounting. This initiative is aimed at bridging the growing skills gap in the global economy.

The newly trained analysts will emerge with the ability to utilize data for improved financial forecasting and decision-making. These professionals will be integrated into the global job market through ALG’s placement network, The ROOM, which connects top-tier talent with organizations worldwide to foster digital transformation.

“Fred Swaniker, ALG’s Founder and CEO, says “With an average age of 19, and 60% of its population under the age of 25, Africa is the world’s youngest continent with the largest and fastest-growing pool of untapped talent globally. Our goal is to train and open access to this labor market to organizations from around the world while providing thousands of young Africans with the opportunity to thrive in the workforce as digitally elevated financial professionals.”

In addition, a global webinar titled “The Future of Finance Roles in a Changing Talent Landscape” will be hosted by CFI and ALX on November 2 at 11 AM EST. The event will feature discussions with ALG’s Founder and CEO, Fred Swaniker, and CFI’s Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, Scott Powell. They will discuss the impact of economic shifts post-pandemic on the finance sector and the role of African talent in mitigating global shortages of skilled finance professionals.

“At CFI, we believe that everyone in the world should have equal access to high-quality education and share the ALG’s conviction that Africa is the talent source of the future. We are excited to work with ALX and The ROOM to develop African financial talent that will be matched with global organizations in need of a diverse skill set to propel future success, building a new generation of financial talent equipped to thrive in the future of work.”

About Corporate Finance Institute

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About African Leadership Group

ALG is on a mission to capture one of the greatest opportunities of the 21st century. Africa’s looming population boom contains the key to catalytic systems change: abundant human capital. We are transforming Africa by developing 3 million ethical, entrepreneurial leaders at a speed and scale never before seen.

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