Webinar Recap: Why the Best Financial Services Employee Training is a Journey

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The financial services landscape is always in flux, constantly introducing new things to learn, evolve with, and stay ahead of. Savvy organizations have realized this shifted their service offerings to meet the fluidity of the industry. But they struggle to find a dynamic training strategy to complement their commitment to staying ahead—making hiring and retaining the right people a major obstacle between businesses and their goals. 

What does a training “journey” look like? What exactly are its benefits over one-time solutions? And how can ongoing training work alongside day-to-day execution? Hosted as a live webinar, join CFI’s VP of CBCA, Kyle Peterdy, Team Lead – Learning Designer, Adam Zollo, Senior Customer Success Manager, Benjamin Staton for an hour-long discussion and Q&A session on the most effective ways to train financial services employees and seamlessly—and quickly—deliver role-ready skills.

Read the highlights below or grab a coffee and watch the full, free webinar recording on your own time. 

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