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May 1, 2023
new course

Pricing Options and Option Sensitivities

Learn the inner workings of three option pricing models and various option Greeks.

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new course

Introduction to Climate Risk Management

Learn the basic concepts and types of climate risk and how they connect to financial risk, both for individual businesses and the broader global financial system.

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Mar 23, 2023
new course

Cash-to-Accrual Accounting

Explore the differences between cash and accrual accounting, practice adjusting statements from one to the other for suitable analysis, and approach financial information confidently.

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Become a Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets Specialist

Prepare for the future of finance with four real-world courses created by industry experts. Learn about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain from a practical lens, understand how to critically analyze digital assets like a pro, and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the fast-paced world of decentralized finance.

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Earn Your Data Analysis in Excel Specialization

Develop best-in-class Excel analytics skills including creating and visualizing insights from raw data, manipulating and connecting related data to supercharge your work, and using the latest Excel tools and add-ins to improve your efficiency.

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Feb 27, 2023
practice lab

Boss Brewing Inc. – Connecting Capital Structure & Credit Structure

Step into the shoes of a SME lender and explore an interesting and common scenario – where the business owner has their mind made up about a borrowing request, but they don’t totally understand the risk implications.

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