Meeyeon Park

Meeyeon Park

Director, PWMA

Investment Banking, Debt Capital Markets, Portfolio Management, Fixed Income, Corporate Finance


Meeyeon graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration.


Prior to joining CFI, Meeyeon lived in Toronto for 10-years where she worked in traditional financial services roles, such as investment banking and portfolio management. Before joining CFI, Meeyeon was on a mission to find a professional career that felt more tangible, meaningful, and impactful. In her search for ‘more’, she switched gears from Investment Banking and explored career paths in applied finance within a large global consumer corporation, and also consulted at an impact venture capital firm before finding the CFI team that brought her back to her home of Vancouver, BC.

Throughout her career, Meeyeon has always been grateful for having the amazing fortune of meeting the right people at the right time. Her early colleagues, turned mentors and friends have been transformative to her development both professionally and personally, and she is in turn very passionate about supporting those around her. Meeyeon is a keen lifelong learner in every way and her passion to help young people acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed was a natural fit for CFI. As the Director of Private Wealth, Meeyeon brings real-world experience in Capital Markets and Corporate Finance to the FPWMA program.

Outside of work

Outside of work, Meeyeon is usually found spending time with her husband and Corgi named Mr. B. She loves traveling, horseback riding, and meeting as many long-bodied dogs (i.e. corgis and dachshunds) as possible in her neighborhood.

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