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Accounting Forums  Overview

There are several accounting forums on the internet that offer both students and professionals from different locations the opportunity to connect and reach out to one another. Businesses are also taking advantage of the growing number of online communities to find new customers and engage them.

Online accounting forums are now the preferred medium by accountants from all over the world to put forward questions, which are then examined and addressed by their peers. Similar to student forums, accounting forums enable users to get their queries answered by experts in the field beyond the constraints of time, distance, and feasibility that existed in the pre-internet age.

Online accounting communities can be divided into two types: open communities that are accessible to all visitors, and restricted ones that are available only to paid members.


top accounting forums

Accountant Forums

Accountant Forums is an online community of qualified advisors, teachers, professionals, and students. The forum features two very helpful sections dedicated to students: the “Exams and Studying” section, which is aimed towards helping students clear various accounting and finance related examinations, and the “Career and Jobs” section, which is aimed toward helping newly qualified accountants and financial consultants find jobs. With over 11,000 members, it is currently one of the most active forums on accounting and finance.

Another71 CPA Exam Forum

Another71 offers several tools and resources for aspiring CPAs, including CPA Exam news, study tips and materials, and forums. Discussion topics in Another71’s online community range from study plans and habits to proven tips for passing the CPA Exam. Other resources such as CPA-reviewed podcasts and videos are also available to users.

CPAnet Forum

CPAnet primarily caters to the CPA exam candidate and new CPAs market, acting as a curation site for timely information about the accounting profession. It aims to serve as the primary source of tools and resources for accountants looking to find quality information online. CPAnet Forum hosts numerous discussions, niche communities, and social groups, including a dedicated CPA Exam forum.

Proformative Accounting Forum

Proformative is one of the largest corporate finance communities on the internet. It lists over two million members and conducts over 200 live webinars a year. Unlike other forums, Proformative is heavily moderated and is run almost like an online consulting firm. The accounting section of Proformative is very active and is one of the best places online to engage in peer-to-peer discussions on accounting-related topics.

AAT Discussion Forum

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is an internationally recognized professional body in the accounting/finance/bookkeeping sector. The AAT Discussion Forum provides peer support to its members, including students and AAT licensed professionals. AAT’s active community allows users to receive industry news, discuss the latest trends, get peer support, and meet other students and professionals.

Additional Resources

This has been a list of the top accounting forums. To keep learning and prepare for a career in accounting, we recommend exploring our career map and the free CFI resources listed below.accounting careers

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