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What is Analyst Forum?

Analyst Forum is a community for all aspiring financial analysts, and covers topics related to various types of analysis. The forum is a great place to discuss general questions about exam prep, investment ideas, and career topics.  There are many active, well-educated users, and it’s a great place for like-minded people to connect.

Here is the link to check out Analyst Forum:

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What are the main topics discussed on Analyst Forum?

There are a wide range of topics covered in the Analyst Forum, all related to financial analysis.  Some of the main topics include:

  • General Discussion
  • Level I Forum
  • Level II Forum
  • Level III Forum
  • Hook Up – meet up with people locally
  • Careers – job opportunities, advice, interview prep, salary information and more
  • Investments – investment ideas and analysis
  • Water Cooler – off-topic conversations

How can Analyst Forum help your career?

We recommend our students use Analyst Forum as a place to ask questions, make connections, and prepare for interviews. While we offer a lot of interview guides, it’s helpful to hear about other people’s experiences, which they often share on the forum.

The forum is a great place to brush up on technical skills.  While our financial modeling courses and business valuation classes give you step-by-step instructions, it’s also helpful to get different perspectives from other people.

Analyst Forum can also be useful for bouncing investment ideas off other people.  If you want to be able to pitch an idea – for work, an interview, or university – it’s great to get some feedback from real investment professionals.

Finally, asking questions and learning from others can be great to help you become a world-class Financial Analyst.

More financial analyst resources

We hope this has been a helpful explanation of why joining Analyst Forum can help advance your career in the financial services sector.  In addition to the forum, we’ve generated a huge database of resources to help you advance your career. Our career resources section and self-study guides are a great place to get started. Check out the following free CFI resources:

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