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What is the GMAT Pill?

The GMAT Pill is one of several prep providers for the GMAT exam (MBA admission test) and is considered quite effective in serving its purpose. The GMAT Pill is a full-length program that generally takes about a month to complete. There are six such “pills” available, which cover the entire course. Students can either purchase a single pill, a combination of pills, or all the pills. The various pills are sentence correction pill, critical reasoning pill, reading comprehension pill, problem-solving pill, data sufficiency pill, and the integrated reasoning pill.


The GMAT Pill providers believe in smart studying and speed learning. They guarantee the fact that any student enrolling with them will see a surge of at least 50+ points in their score from their previous best score. With a mobile app to make learning easier, and dedicated support with over 10,000 queries answered and promising testimonials, the GMAT pills help to assure high scores.

GMAT Pills – Approach

GMAT Pill believe in a three-step approach where, initially, priority is given to building a solid foundation of the core concepts tested on the exam. After that, they test the students on their foundation and then move on to the application of these concepts. Along with this, they provide a learning plan for every day of the month, which helps students to keep track of their progress and achieve their targets.

GMAT Pill sends a reminder at 6 a.m. to each member enrolled in the one-month study plan indicating what exactly is to be done on that particular day. They believe in devoting a little more time to master the sections a student is weak in than equal time allotments. Their goal is to induce the student to use the same thought process as that of GMAT Pill founder, Zeke Lee.

GMAT Pill – About the Founder

Standford graduate Zeke Lee founded GMAT Pill. Zeke previously worked as a management consultant for Booz & Company and is currently a derivatives trader on Wall Street. He was motivated to start this venture when he observed the potential for the development of advanced online video technology and realized that people were spending $2,000+ on test prep courses to ace MBA admissions tests. He thought that people who could not afford such expensive prep would be at a decided disadvantage. He believes in a more practical approach than a theoretical one, an approach which, according to him, helps in better understanding the material, as well as saving a lot of time.

GMAT Pill – Pricing

As mentioned above, GMAT aspirants can choose either all six available pills or individual pills, according to their needs and preferences. For a lifetime membership for all six pills, GMAT Pill charges $730 (available at $437 currently, after discount) and $249 (available at $169 currently after discount) for the first month, and $99 monthly after that. The individual pills are priced at $120 each. Each of the six pills can be bought separately.

GMAT Competitors

The marketplace for GMAT test prep providers is quite broad. Major competitors of GMAT pills are Manhattan GMAT Prep ($2,950), Kaplan Online Classroom ($1,449), MGMAT Classroom ($1,490), Princeton Review Class ($1,099), Veritas Prep Course ($1,200) and Knewton Online ($690). We can observe that most of the products are priced over $1,000, so the GMAT Pill looks like a more cost-effective option comparatively. Every product offers something unique, such as a different style of teaching. If you’re looking for MBA admissions prep, take the time to properly research of all available options.

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