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Investment Banking Training Programs

New analysts hired into in the Investment Banking Division (IBD) of most investment banks are placed in an investment banking training program to give them the skills they need to succeed in the job.

These programs typically start in the summer and last about 6 weeks.  Analysts are given the opportunity not only to develop their technical skills, but also opportunities to network and build relationships with colleagues across the bank.

In some cases, analysts may be paired up with senior mentors to help them navigate through the early days of their career.

Typical Training Program Overview

The typical training program for a new investment banking analyst has a heavy focus on financial modeling, and also includes a combination of foundational theory and practical applications, with the following core elements:

  • Accounting fundamentals
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Corporate valuation
  • Excel skills
  • M&A transactions
  • IPO process
  • The bank’s products

The above topics are covered with intensive classroom-based training, typically at a global or regional location. In addition to full days on these core investment banking topics, IBD analysts will also attend a lot of networking events to get to know their colleagues and navigate the bank’s social structures.

Building relationships and networking with your global IBD analyst class is also a key objective of this comprehensive training program.

Example of Financial Modeling Training

Below is a screenshot from a financial modeling course used for investment banking training.

investment banking training model

Ongoing Training

Once the formal classroom-based training is over, analysts continue to receive specific training based on their group or division.  This aspect of the program is often led by more senior members of their team in a more informal way.

In addition to this, most banks offer some online courses that give new hires and experienced bankers the opportunity to review and develop their technical skills at their own pace.

Most banks have some type of internal or external e-Learning center with numerous modules that provide a more private and self-directed form of learning.

How to Get Investment Banking Training Before I’m Hired?

If you’re looking to get investment banking training before you’re hired – to prepare for interviews and to land the job of your dreams – then CFI courses can give you the advantage you’re looking for.

At CFI, we have a wide range of e-learning programs that were developed by instructors who have first-hand experience leading the investment banking training programs as described above.

CFI’s course catalog has a complete overlap with the programs offered at most banks, including:

Practice Makes Perfect

The key to being a good financial analyst is practice.  Simply going through one training program is not enough, nor is just taking a few online courses.

The best way to become a world-class investment banking analyst is to work through as many financial modeling templates and examples as possible. Ask colleagues, friends, whoever you can for models that you can look at. Then break them down, reverse engineer them, and try to rebuild them yourself. Everyone has their own style, so it’s important to see a wide variety and determine what you think is best practice.

FMVA Certification & Training Program

CFI is the official global provider of the Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA)TM certification program, which is particularly relevant for investment banking training.

Financial Analyst Certification - CFI

Learn more about the FMVA Program to determine if it’s the right fit for you and your investment banking career!

Additional Investment Banking Resources

Thank you for reading CFI’s guide to investment banking training. In addition to the above courses and training, we’ve also created a large library of free resources to help you advance your career.  Our most relevant resources for aspiring IBD analysts include:

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