The last step in the investment banking interview process

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What is Superday?

When a firm thinks you have the skills and are a potential fit for their company, you’re invited to their Superday.  This is when an investment bank makes its final decision on which analysts and associates to hire.

At this point, you’ve passed the phone screen, the first interview, the group interview, and all the other interviews.  Superday is the last step in the hiring process for investment banking analysts and associates, so be prepared and be at your best!

Superday investment banking

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Superday

Here is our list of the top tips for having a successful Superday:

  1. Dress the part by wearing clothing that matches the culture of the bank and the city you’re interviewing in
  2. Rehearse your answers to the most common investment banking interview questions
  3. Research the bank and understand what makes them unique, the deals they’ve worked on, and their culture
  4. Network with professionals at the bank before and during the event as much as possible
  5. Be as relaxed and natural as you can so you come across as genuine and someone they want to work with
  6. Expect the unexpected and go in knowing that there will be some curveballs – just handle them calmly
  7. Personality fit will make you stand out more than technical skills (e.g., understanding of financial modeling)
  8. Don’t overstay your welcome in any networking conversations. After you’ve had an interesting chat, move on to the next one
  9. Know your story inside out (why they should hire you, why investment banking, and why at this particular bank)
  10. Follow up with your interviews and thank them for their time

Networking Event

During the Superday, the company may host a networking night on the eve of the main day, where candidates and managers meet over refreshments. While this particular portion of the Superday is less structured than the interviews to be held the next day, it is still a large part of the interview process and can impact a candidate’s possibility of hire.

Superday Interviews

On the main day of the Super Day, candidates will be interviewing with several different bankers from the company, often in one-on-one or two-on-one interviews. Banks will have several things in mind to look out for in potential candidates come this main day.

What are the Banks Looking For?

Companies will be looking for fit more than anything else since they’ve already assessed a candidate’s technical skills (such as their understanding of financial modeling and valuation) in the first round of interviews. VPs, Directors, and Managing Directors will be looking for candidates that they like, which is not surprising since they will be working upwards of 100 hours a week together.

That being said, technical questions will still definitely be asked, so they are safe to expect. At the same time, the rapid pace of back-to-back interviews is meant to simulate the pace and stress common in the position. Think of this as a trial by fire for the candidate.

Final Steps in Superday

After the day of interviews, the interviewers meet to discuss candidates that they liked. Decisions do not have to be entirely unanimous, although if only one or two interviewers like a certain candidate, the group may decide to put that candidate “on hold.”

Some companies employ a matching system, where candidates are asked to rank interviewers or teams they interviewed with. The interviews and teams rank candidates as well, and if there is a match, then there is a hire.

Additional Resources

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