Credit Analyst Salary Guide

Overview of compensation in credit (risk) analysis

Credit Analyst Salary Guide

In this credit analyst salary guide, we cover several credit analyst jobs and their corresponding midpoint salaries for 2018. Credit analysts or credit risk analysts are responsible for evaluating risk levels and assessing the interest rate and loan terms for borrowers. They gather and analyze financial information such as payment history, the purpose of the loan, income, assets, and liabilities to look for signs that may pose financial risks. They are also experts in determining the creditworthiness of individuals and companies.

Credit Analyst Salary Guide

Credit analysts are usually needed in various companies such as financial institutions, credit unions, foreign banks, investment companies, asset management firms, and credit rating agencies.

Credit Analyst Salary Guide – Jobs in the US

Because of tough competition, employers offer higher salaries and more scheduling flexibility to top job candidates. When it comes to skills, companies focus more on data analytics experience. They also look for candidates who possess technical skills that will work well with traditional accounting and financial skills.

In the financial services industry, commercial banks, lending companies, and firms involved in hedge funds and asset management show an increasing demand for professionals with expertise in credit analytics, data analytics, as well as risk and compliance.

Credit Analyst Salary Guide in the US for 2018

The table below shows the salary guide for candidates with average experience and skill sets needed for the job. The figures do not include bonuses, incentives, and other forms of additional compensation:

Credit Analyst JobsBase Salary
Operational Support: Credit and Collections
Credit/Collections Analyst$51,000
Financial Services
Credit Analyst 5+ Years$80,000
Credit Analyst 3 to 5 Years$60,000
Credit Analyst 1 to 3 Years$51,500
Credit Risk Analyst - Manager$95,250
Credit Risk Analyst 3 to 5 Years$80,000

Source: Robert Half 2018 Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance Professionals

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