Hedge Fund Salary Guide

Overview of compensation in hedge funds management

Hedge Fund Salary Guide

This hedge fund salary guide covers several jobs in the hedge funds sector and their corresponding midpoint salaries for 2018. A hedge fund firm is involved with managing investment funds that are created for accredited individuals and institutional investors to maximize returns while eliminating risks, no matter what the market’s status is.

Hedge Fund Salary Guide theme

A hedge fund is a private investment partnership between investors and the fund manager. Unlike mutual funds that are heavily regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), hedge funds are operated with little to no regulation.

Hedge Fund Salary Guide – Jobs in the US

Many aspire to be part of the fast-paced and exciting hedge funds sector. Candidates with internships or experience with risk management, prime brokerage, or administration of hedge funds can access career opportunities in the sector. Asset management firms and hedge funds, as well as lending companies and commercial banks, look for professionals who are also experts in credit analytics, data analytics, and risk and compliance. Firms may prefer candidates with relevant qualifications such as Level 1 Certified Hedge Fund Professional.

Hedge funds jobs vary since firms use different strategies and instruments. Such jobs include hedge fund analyst, hedge fund accountant, risk analyst – hedge fund, associate, and director.

Hedge Fund Salary Guide in the US for 2018

Salaries in the hedge funds sector vary depending on years of experience and position. The table below shows the hedge fund salary guide for candidates with average experience and skill sets needed for the job. The figures do not include bonuses, incentives, and other forms of additional compensation. From hedge fund analyst to vice present, the range can be quite large.

Job TitleBase Salary
Hedge Fund Accountant (1 to 3 Years)$48,000
Hedge Fund Accountant (3 to 5 Years)$62,250
Hedge Fund Accountant - Manager$75,000
Intern/Summer Analyst$76,000
Associate Year 1$110,000
Associate Year 2$136,000
Vice President$216,000

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