Searching For M&A Exit Deals In PitchBook

Learn how to search for M&A exit deals in PitchBook to generate a list of past M&A exit transactions

Searching For M&A Exit Deals In PitchBook

In this tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how to use the PitchBook platform to search for M&A (mergers and acquisitions) exit deals of investor-backed companies using the following example search:

VC-backed exits of pharmaceutical companies in North America through a strategic M&A deal, since 2011, with an exit size between $100M and $500M

Advanced Search For VC-Backed Exits

The first step for this search is to hover over on the Side bar: Advanced Search > Companies Deals > Select VC-Backed Exits to filter for search results of that specific deal type.

PitchBook vc backed exits search

Exit / Liquidity Criteria

Once selected VC-Backed Exits, you should be brought to the Exit / Liquidity section on the Search Results page where the VC-back exit box is checked under Other Filters. In this section, we’ll fill in all the search criteria related to the exit deal.

Exit Amount: Set Min and Max to 100M and 500M respectively

Exit Date: Enter 01-01-2011 as the starting point

The Exit Status: Select “Completed”

Exit Types: Select Acquisitions > Strategic M&A

PitchBook deal exit liquidity criteria

Industry Criteria

Moving on to the Industry section, under Industries, select 5. Healthcare > 5.4 Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology > 5.4.5 Pharmaceuticals.

PitchBook exit deal seach industry criteria

Location Criteria

Finally, in the Location section, select North America as the region we would like to search exit deals within. For Location Type, select Search HQ only.

PitchBook exit deal search location criteria

Exit Deal Search Results

Click the Search button at the top right corner of the page to view all 30 search results matching the selected criteria. You can look at the summary of this search in the Overview tab, or view more details about the companies or deal transactions using the Companies or Deals tab in the top menu.

PitchBook vc backed m&a exit search result

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