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Explore the basic functions on PitchBook data platform

How To Use The Search Bar In PitchBook

How To Use The Search Bar In PitchBook PitchBook is one of the most popular financial databases used by analysts in equity research, corporate finance, investment banking, and other fields of finance. It is an online platform which provides financial data on public and private equity markets, including venture capital, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions...

How To Download Data In PitchBook

Downloading Data From PitchBook To Excel Pitchbook Download – On the PitchBook platform, users can export data on companies, deals, and contact information into an Excel spreadsheet. This download data function is especially useful when users would like to consolidate and organize a large data set for financial analyses or reporting. In this tutorial, we’ll...

Viewing A Company Profile In Pitchbook

Viewing A Company Profile In Pitchbook In the previous guide, we demonstrated how to use the search bar in PitchBook to search for and select a company profile. In this article, we’ll explore the different tabs and sections containing all available information that can be accessed from a designated company profile.   Opening Up A...

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