Viewing A Company Profile In Pitchbook

Navigate the PitchBook company profile to find data on stock price, financials summary, equity research reports, public comps, and more

Viewing A Company Profile In Pitchbook

In the previous guide, we demonstrated how to use the search bar in PitchBook to search for and select a company profile. In this article, we’ll explore the different tabs and sections containing all available information that can be accessed from a designated company profile.

Opening Up A Company Profile

Let’s recap on how to search for a Pitchbook company profile — we’ll use Amazon as an example. In the search bar at the top of the dashboard, type “Amazon” and select “Profiles” in the categories drop-down list to the left of the search bar. The first profile that comes up should be “Amazon.com  (NAS:AMZN) (Amazon)” as a public company, which is the result we would like to look at.

PitchBook search for amazon profile

Pitchbook Company Profile – Exploring The Profile Tab

By default, you’ll be brought to the Profile tab of Amazon. A profile contains all of the critical information available for a particular entity on which PitchBook has researched and collected. On the top of the profile, right next to the company’s ticker, is a drop-down menu which you can use to select different profile types. You can choose to view Amazon’s profile as a public company, an acquirer, or as another type of entity. In this demonstration, we’ll consider Amazon as a public company.

PitchBook select profile types


Let’s begin navigating through the Profile tab using the Contents sidebar on the left side of the page. The Overview section contains information about the company’s stock performance including the current share price, the exchange on which the company is listed, market capitalization (market cap), total number of shares outstanding, earnings per share (EPS), beta, and average volume. You can also find an interactive stock price chart which allows you to look up the historical closing prices of the company’s stock over different periods of time, ranging from one day to ten years.

Another important piece of information to note is the Analyst Forecast (Consensus). This section provides an aggregated estimate on the target share price and forecasted EPS from analysts who are not affiliated with PitchBook. Based on those estimates, there is an analyst recommendation on whether investors should buy, hold, or sell the shares of that particular entity. This could be a good reference point for financial analysts when they are valuing the company and deciding whether it is a worthy investment.

You can also find a summary of the key valuation metrics provided in Morningstar’s equity research reports, such as the estimated fair value of the stock, the price returns over various time periods, and the price multiples (P/E, P/B, and P/CF). These metrics are useful when performing business valuation and comparing the company with similar industry peers.

PitchBook profile overview

General Information and Contact Information

The General Information section provides a basic summary of the company. It includes a description of the company, the year it was founded, industry, verticals, the number of employees, and other information. The Contact Information section provides the primary contact for the company, the primary office location, and other contact information.

PitchBook profile general information contact information

Financials & Estimates Summary

The Financials section summarizes the historical financials including revenue, EBITDA, net income, total assets and total debt taken from the company’s financial statements. The Consensus Estimates section provides ranges of forecasted figures for future revenue, EBITDA, and EPS in the next two years. The Financial Comparison Chart visualizes all of the above financials and displays the trend of each of the items.

PitchBook profile financials & estimates summary

Equity Research (Morningstar)

The Equity Research section contains research reports published by Morningstar, which provide thorough analyses on the specific company and recommendations to buy, hold or sell its shares. There are also the complete cash flow models which Morningstar built to value the company (e.g., Amazon) and determine its fair market price. These are the sources for the Morningstar valuation metrics included in the Overview section.

Clicking the View All Equity Research button will bring you to the Equity Research page, which allows you to view and download all available analyst research reports from Morningstar, sorted from the newest to the oldest. On the left side of this page, you can also find the investment metrics based on the latest research conducted by Morningstar analysts.

PitchBook equity research reports morningstar


The Timeline section shows the important financing events and employee growth over the company’s lifespan. The blue dots represent the estimated number of employees each year, while the vertical bars represent financing deals such as an initial public offering (IPO).

PitchBook profile timeline

Similar Companies

The Similar Companies section lists the five companies that are considered most similar to Amazon based on their industry and size. It provides some basic information, such as size multiple, growth rate, and financing status of these companies.

PitchBook profile similar companies

You can view a longer list of Amazon’s similar companies by clicking View All Similar Companies, which will bring you to the Similar Companies page. You can look up companies that are most relevant to Amazon’s business, ranked based on various factors such as industry and operating segments. You can filter these companies by their revenues, enterprise values, or other criteria to create your own list of comparable companies.

PitchBook similar companies comps


The Comparisons section allows more detailed side-by-side comparisons between Amazon and its similar companies in terms of total capital raised, post valuation amount (after an IPO or other investment), and number of employees. You can also add other companies to compare and/or add or remove data points based on your own preference.

PitchBook profile comparisons

If you want to perform a thorough comparable company analysis (Comps), you may want to go to the Public Comps page by clicking on the tab at the top of the page. This table, by default, searches for companies that are the most related to the industry and verticals Amazon is in. You can view these companies’ total revenue, EBITDA, stock price, market cap, enterprise value, and other financial data. Filtering and exporting this list of public comps will provide a great source of data for a Comps analysis of Amazon.

PitchBook public comps

Pitchbook Company Profile – Signals

The Signals section displays non-financial metrics of the company’s growth and size. The weekly growth rate is calculated as the average of the company’s web traffic growth, social media growth rate, employee growth rate, and mobile growth rate. The size multiple is an estimation based on the web size, social size, employee size, and mobile size. To interpret, Amazon has a size multiple of 29,600x which means it is 29,600 times larger in web, social, employee and mobile presence than the median of its similar companies.

PitchBook profile signals

You can click View All Signals to go to the Signals page. This page contains a more detailed signals summary, signals history, a breakdown of social media and web signals, employee signals, mobile signals, and rankings. You can use the Contents sidebar on the left to navigate through these different sections.

PitchBook company signals


The Executives section lists all the current and former executives in Amazon’s management team, including roles such as the CEO, CFO, CTO, and Senior and General Manager of each business operations or divisions.

PitchBook profile executives

Board Seats and Board Members

In the Board Seats section is listed the current and former board seats at other companies which are held by executives of Amazon.com. In the Board Members section, all current and former members sitting on the board of Amazon, including the Chairman, President, and Board Members are summarized.

PitchBook profile board members

Deal History

The Deal History section compiles all past financing events the company has gone through since being founded. Some of the key information included in this section are the deal type, transaction date, deal amount, status, and the sum of capital raised to date since the last major transaction or recapitalization.

PitchBook profile deal history


The Investors section lists all individuals or companies that have been involved in a transaction with the company. You can find their investor type, the date they became an investor, deals they are related to, and the type of ownership (for example, minority).

PitchBook profile investors

Service Providers and Lead Partners on Deals

The Service Providers section lists all of the companies Amazon has worked with previously on any general services or deal transactions.

The Lead Partners on Deals section provides a list of key personnel from Amazon’s investors who have significantly contributed to managing and completing a deal transaction.

PitchBook profile service providers and lead partners on deals

Investments | Buy Side

The Investments | Buy Side section compiles a list of all deals Amazon has invested in. These can include mergers and acquisitions (M&A), venture capital (VC) investments, leveraged buyouts (LBO), joint ventures, accelerator/incubator activity and support, and purchase of assets. You can find information about the transactions such as the company involved, deal date, deal type, deal size, industry, and lead partner.

PitchBook profile investments buy side


The Affiliates section lists any parent companies or subsidiaries affiliated with Amazon. This section provides basic information about these companies, such as the industry they are in, location, and year founded. You can also view the subsidiaries’ profiles by clicking on their names.

PitchBook profile affiliates


The Financials section provides an overview of Amazon’s financial data and metrics. By default, you are presented with the key metrics retrieved from the historical financial statements (e.g. total revenue, EBITDA, total assets, total liabilities, profitability ratios, valuation multiples). To dig deeper into the datasets, you can use the tabs at the top of this section to view more detailed financial statements, ratios, multiples, and estimated financials. For example, you can find a detailed ratio analysis on profitability, efficiency, margins, leverage, growth, financial health, etc., based on Amazon’s past financials. You may also choose to display the data in different time periods, such as trailing twelve months (TTM), fiscal quarters, and fiscal year.

PitchBook profile financials

If you want to view and download the complete financial statements as presented in Amazon’s annual reports, click the View All Financials button, which will bring you to the Financial page. Going to each of the tabs on the top enables you to have a more in-depth look at a particular set of financial data (e.g., the Balance Sheet, as shown below). You can also use the Search Bar on the most left column to look for any particular metric across all of the tabs.

PitchBook Amazon complete detailed financials


The News section compiles the most recent news articles related to the company or those stories in which Amazon was mentioned. You can visit the website where the articles were sourced from by clicking on the article headlines.

PitchBook profile news


The Filings section allows you to find Amazon’s company filings including Form 8K, S, 424B, DEF 14A and 10K/10Q. Click on the filing types to view the actual report in a new tab.

PitchBook profile filings


The LinkedIn tab contains information retrieved from Amazon’s LinkedIn page. You can also find a list of the company’s executives, board members, and lead partners on deals.

PitchBook Amazon LinkedIn profile

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