How To Use The Search Bar In PitchBook

Use the PitchBook search bar to look up company profiles and view key information

How To Use The Search Bar In PitchBook

PitchBook is one of the most popular financial databases used by analysts in equity research, corporate finance, investment banking, and other fields of finance. It is an online platform which provides financial data on public and private equity markets, including venture capital, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the general Pitchbook search bar to look up company profiles and view key information and metrics.

Searching For A Company

When you log into the PitchBook platform, you’ll be first brought to the Dashboard page which displays quick snapshots of selected information, such as the recent deals in U.S., by type. On the top of this page, you’ll find the Pitchbook search bar where you can type to search for company profiles, industries, verticals, and research reports.

PitchBook search bar

PItchbook Search Bar – View All Search Results

As an example, let’s search for “Amazon” in the search bar. You should be able to see a list of company profiles and research reports containing the keyword “Amazon”. To view the complete search results, click ‘See all results for “Amazon”‘ at the bottom of the list.

PitchBook view all search results

Select Desired Company Profile

You can now view all company profiles, with more details on their entity type, location, and description. In this search, we would like to look at Amazon.com as a public company listed on the NASDAQ exchange, so select the first option in the profile results.

PitchBook select search result

Pitchbook Search Bar – View Complete Company Profile Page

Done! You should now be able to view Amazon’s complete company profile. By default, you’ll land on the Profile tab of this company. This tab contains plenty of critical information about the company, such as the stock price, financials & estimates summary, executives and board members information, and the list of largest investors. In the next tutorial, we’ll show you how to navigate around to access the different datasets available in a company profile.

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PitchBook Amazon company profile

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