Install and Enable PitchBook Excel Plugin

Tutorial on how to install the powerful PitchBook Excel plugin

What is the PitchBook Excel Plugin?

The PitchBook Excel plugin is a powerful tool available to all PitchBook users who are in need of timely and easy-to-access public and private company data from the PitchBook platform. Once installed in the users’ Microsoft Excel application, it enables users to pull information directly from the platform database into an Excel spreadsheet and perform in-depth financial analysis and modeling.

PitchBook excel plugin screenshot

Excel Pitchbook Plugin Functions

Below are the major functionalities of the PitchBook Excel add-in:

Template Library: The template library contains numerous financial model templates built by PitchBook, which users can easily manipulate to create tailored models for specific companies, time periods, or other key criteria.

Formula Builder: This function allows users to pick the desired criteria for formulas and customize models quickly.

Chart Builder: Users can create charts with company information such as financial summary, stock price history, and financial metrics pulled from PitchBook’s platform. They can also customize other chart displays such as the frequency, currency, and time period.

Saved Searches: This feature allows users to import data from searches previously saved on the PitchBook platform to an Excel spreadsheet.

System Requirements

The PitchBook Excel plugin is currently available to only PC users. To install the tool, users must have the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer versions
  • Microsoft Office Excel (32/64bit) 2007 or newer versions
  • Administrative rights to install applications on your computer

Video Tutorial on How to Install and Enable PitchBook Excel Add-in

Watch this tutorial and follow along to install the PitchBook Excel add-in and start exploring this powerful tool!

Steps to Install and Enable the Pitchbook Plugin

1. Log in to the PitchBook Platform. On the homepage, expand the side menu and go to Plugins & Apps, then select Excel Plugin.

PitchBook download excel plugin

2. Click the Download Plugin button at the top right corner to download the application. Once the installation file has downloaded, click the file named PitchBook_Plugin_Setup.exe at the bottom left and open the file.

PitchBook excel plugin installation

3. Follow the steps in the InstallShield Wizard to complete the installation.

PitchBook excel plugin installshield wizard

4. Once the installation is completed, open Microsoft Excel and go to File > Options > Add-ins.

Excel file options addins

5. Select the drop-down menu next to Manage and select COM Add-ins. Click Go to view all available Add-ins.

excel manage com addins

6. Check the box for PitchBook Excel Add-in and click OK to enable the plugin.

excel com addins pitchbook excel addin

7. On the top ribbon, there should be a new tab named PitchBook. A window will pop up to ask for the user’s login information. Enter your PitchBook Username and Password to log into your account.

pitchbook excel plugin user login

8. Done! Now you can start exploring the different functions of this valuable plugin and utilize the templates and tools in your own financial analysis and modeling.

PitchBook excel plugin template library

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