Secret Study Hacks: How to Enter Your Brain’s Most Productive State

Use your brain's full power

Secret Study Hacks: How to Enter Your Brain’s Most Productive State

The corporate world requires all employees to be productive at work. For many, it translates to working for long periods of time, and those who always clock in overtime hours are seen as good and hardworking workers. However, this form of dedication only lessens productivity in the long run.

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1. Enter your productive state

If you want to be productive, enter your brain’s most productive state. How? Consider the research by the Draugiem Group, a US-Latvian IT company. Results show that the brain can concentrate for about 52 minutes only. In other words, after focusing on your work for 52 minutes, you need to take a break before you can continue working.

In the study, researchers used an app called DeskTime to record worker productivity. Results reveal that the top 10% most productive employees were hyper-focused for 52 minutes. After that, they took a 17-minute break, moving away from their tasks.

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2. Focus on the hardest task first

The idea is to give your 100% concentration during those 52 productive minutes to accomplish tasks and make progress.

Make the most of those minutes by working with a purpose. One way to be more productive is to finish your most difficult task in the morning or after your first 17-minute break, then move to less demanding tasks in the afternoon when you usually feel like taking a power nap.

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3. Take breaks

Having several breaks throughout the day boosts productivity. It is also a great way to refresh your attention span, especially when doing repetitive tasks. Short breaks at work do not mean checking your inbox once in a while or browsing your social media accounts.

Step away from your computer, laptop or smartphone and get the most out of your breaks with any of these activities:

  • Get moving. Take a walk or do some stretching exercises.
  • Eat healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up.
  • Talk to your friends at work. Research shows that those who socialize are happier in the workplace. They are also able to finish as many tasks as their colleagues who don’t socialize and spend more time working.

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4. Be consistent

While the study shows that working full-on for 52 minutes then taking 17-minute breaks can help you be more productive at work, they are only estimates. Don’t get hung up on sticking to the figures if your tasks vary and you cannot control your schedule. If you think that 17 minute-breaks are too much, consider taking just five or 10 minutes to grab some coffee or chat with a colleague.

The key is to take consistent breaks and give your 100% concentration when finishing a task.

The human mind is not designed to be constantly productive throughout the day. No matter how many tasks are there on your to-do list, make sure to take time for resting or any activity that is not about your work. It may not look like much but eventually, you’ll see better results on your productivity levels in the workplace.

Secret Study Hacks - Keep Consistent

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