Excel Round Down

How to round a number down in Excel

What is the Excel round down function?

When performing financial analysis in Excel it’s often useful to round down a number to either a decimal place or a whole number. Thankfully, with the Excel round down function, this task is quite easy, even for a large dataset.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to round a number down in Excel using the =ROUNDDOWN() formula.

This function will save you time when building a financial model and improve your accuracy in Excel.


How the Excel round down formula works

The round down formula in Excel requires you to reference a number and then specify how many units (decimal places) you want to round it to.


In the example below, we have shown you how to create a table that uses the formula to link to one number and then return a certain number of decimal places.

Step 1: type “=ROUNDDOWN(“

Step 2: link to the cell you want to round down and add a comma

Step 3: type the number of units, or link to a cell that contains the number of units you want to display

Step 4: close bracket and press enter.

In the screenshot below you will see an example of the Excel round down function in action.

Click here to download the Excel template.

Excel Round Down Function


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