How to Repeat Previous Command in Excel?

How to Repeat Previous Command in Excel?

Repeating commands is an important function in Microsoft Excel while working on a worksheet. Using the Repeat the Previous Command in Excel helps to avoid typing and entering the same command or formula on each and every cell of the sheet. There are two ways by which one can repeat a command on an Excel worksheet:

  • With a shortcut key
  • With the Repeat command

Repeating the Previous Command with the Shortcut Key

To repeat the previous command using the shortcut key, press and hold the following keys together:

Repeat Previous Command

Repeating the Previous Command with the Repeat Command

To repeat the previous action using the Repeat command, simply add the quick command option on the top menu bar of your Excel worksheet. It can be done as follows:

1. Click on the “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” button on the top menu toolbar of your Excel worksheet. From the drop-down menu, select the “More Commands” option, as illustrated below:

Quick Access Toolbar

2. From the list of options provided on the “More Commands” tab, click on “Repeat” and add it to the Quick Access toolbar.

Add Repeat Command

3. In doing so, the Repeat command will appear on your Quick Commands toolbar, found on the top menu toolbar of your Excel worksheet. The Repeat command can be found here, as illustrated below:

Repeat Command on Toolbar

The Repeat command can be used as many times as required to repeat a previous action and repeat the command entered on one cell on the other cells.

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