Earnings Per Share Template

Earnings Per Share Template

This earnings per share template helps you calculate basic and diluted EPS given information on common and preferred shares.

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Earnings per share (EPS) is a financial ratio that divides net earnings available to common shareholders by the total outstanding shares over a certain period of time. The EPS formula indicates a company’s ability to produce net profits for common shareholders.

A single EPS value for one company is somewhat arbitrary, but the number is more valuable when analyzed against other companies in the industry, and when compared to the company’s share price (the P/E Ratio). Between two companies in the same industry with the same number of shares outstanding, higher EPS indicates better profitability. EPS is typically used in conjunction with a company’s share price to determine whether it is relatively “cheap” (low P/E ratio) or “expensive” (high P/E ratio).

There are several ways to calculate earnings per share.

Below are two versions of the earnings per share formula:

EPS = (Net Income – Preferred Dividends) / End of period Shares Outstanding

EPS = (Net Income – Preferred Dividends) / Weighted Average Shares Outstanding

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