Excel Invoice Template

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Excel Invoice Template

This Excel invoice template[1] will provide a guideline to help you create a sales invoice to keep record of transactions. Use and modify this template to create your own invoice!

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Documenting Transactions

An invoice is used to document the terms and conditions of a transaction. It is sent to a customer to inform them of an obligation to pay for a good or service. An invoice is legally enforceable and acts as a record of a transaction.

An invoice requires several elements. You can find these in our Excel invoice template. These elements consist of the following:

  • invoice number (reference number)
  • date of invoice creation/issuance
  • date that payment is due
  • address and contact information of the seller
  • billing address and contact information of the buyer
  • shipping address and contact information of the buyer
  • description of the goods or services purchased
  • number of units, price per unit, and total price of goods or services purchased
  • total price including any discounts or taxes applied
  • payment terms including method of payment, banking information, payment due date, and discounts

Depending on the product or service being purchased, a shipping address may not be necessary. For example, this would be the case for any company that primarily offers services, such as a car mechanic. A car mechanic would not be shipping anything to their customer. Thus, the shipping address is not necessary. Additionally, payment terms are often expressed in the format of ‘net 30’ or ‘3/10, net 30’. This is translated to ‘payment due in 30 days’ or ‘3% discount if payment is made within 10 days, otherwise payment is due in 30 days’.

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